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1:200 Tanks and Vehicles Pack 2 1:200 Tanks and Vehicles Pack 2

1:200 Tanks and Vehicles Pack 2

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 22:47

1:200 World War 2 1944-45 wargaming set. PACK 2 SEE ALSO PACK 1 SEE ALSO PACK 3 1-100 Tanks Something to draw in my lunch breaks. Designed to be printed on UP! Plus in ABS. Support is essential. Please note that both Pack2 and Pack2-part2 are required to get the full content. Instructions Drawn in Solidworks 2012 & 2013 Settings used: 0.15mm layers, vent open, loose fill, 4 layer surface, supports 3mm^2 x 80 degrees If you print these for use with Flames of War, scale to 200% pack2-part2-stl contains all the simple version stls, some extra variant stls, some corrected stls, and some new vehicles. Unzip the files into the same location that you unzipped Pack2. 3 vehicles will be overwritten: Su-85, SU-100, SU-122. ( A minor fix to the hull.) Pack 2 part 2: UK: M3A3 Stuart M3A3 Stuart Recce US: M5 Stuart M5 Stuart (full mudguards) M5A1 Stuart M5A1 Stuart (full mudguards) M5A1 (late) Stuart M5A1 (late) Stuart (full mudguards) M5 Stuart Recce M5 Stuart Recce (full mudguards) M8 HMC M8 HMC (full mudguards) M7 Priest (early) (3 piece transmission, M3 suspension) M7 Priest (mid) (3 piece transmission) M7 Priest (late) (3 piece transmission) M7 Priest (late) (cast transmission) M7B1 (M4A3 hull, full mudguards) Germany: Sdkfz 234-1 Sdkfz 234-2 Puma Sdkfz 234-3 (75mm L24) Sdkfz 234-4 (Pak 40) Opel Maultier Opel Maultier (covered) Pack 2: US: M4A1 early M4A1-76W M4A1-76W with .5 mg M4A3-76W GMC CCKW-252 SWB (Artillery tractor, short wheelbase version) GMC CCKW-252 SWB with winch GMC CCKW-253 LWB (General service long wheelbase version) GMC CCKW-253 LWB with winch M2A1 halftrack M3A1 halftrack M3A1 halftrack with winch M16 AA halftrack Lend Lease: (Many of these also for US and Commonwealth use.) M4A2-76W (Russian use only, essentially.) M5 halftrack with roller M5 halftrack with winch M5A1 halftrack with roller M5A1 halftrack with winch M9A1 halftrack with roller (Artillery tractor version) M9A1 halftrack with winch M3A1 scout car SU-57 halftrack (T48 GMC, Russian use only) Studebaker US-6 Studebaker Katyusha M17 AA halftrack (Use M16 turret) Russia: BA-64B armoured car T-70 light tank SU-76 early SU-76 late T-34-76 hex turret early T-34-76 hex turret late T-34-85 early T-34-85 'spider' style wheels KV-1B KV-1S KV-85 KV-2 IS-1 IS-2 early ("broken nose") IS-2 late IS-3 (also alternate turret with DSHK mg) ISU-122 ISU-152 SU-85 SU-100 SU-122 Germany: Hetzer Kubelwagen (covered) Opel Blitz Opel Blitz (covered) The new Sherman parts can of course be mixed and matched with the existing Pack 1 components to produce most Sherman variants. (Excepting HVSS and 105mm versions which will be in Pack 3...)