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  • 12 Leaf Aperture Box
    12 Leaf Aperture Box



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    A 12 leaf version of my aperture box design, producing a sliding 12 sided aperture much like a camera iris. The box uses a simple mechanism which utilises sliding dovetail joints and screwed hinge joints. The box is approximately 80mm wide, 80mm tall (using the standard container) and has a 64mm container opening. It is opened by pushing the handles on the doors in a clockwise direction. For the box you will need to print: 12x 'Door' parts (any mixture of "Door" and "Door handle" parts up to 12) , 12x 'Link' and 1x 'Container' (Short or standard size). You will also need 24 countersunk screws (M2x6 on the unscaled parts) to assemble the box. Supports are required for the overhanging section of the dovetail on the door parts. Don't worry about trying to remove all of the support residue as I have included extra gaps in the dovetail to account for this. For testing I recommend printing just one 'link' and two 'Door' parts and test the hinge and dovetail joints before printing all the parts. The sliding dovetail joints may be a little stiff to begin with but should slide smoothly with very little effort for the box to work well. Materials with low friction are ideal (the standard PLA I use works fine) plus a little lubricant can help significantly. You may need to scale the parts slightly in order to get them to work properly, in this case you should scale all the parts by the same amount. Two versions of the container are included: the standard container which makes the box 80mm tall and a shortened container which makes it about 40mm tall (as used on the green/grey example). There are also two types of 'door' part: the 'Door handle' which has a ridge to grip and open the box (two are used on the printed example) and the simple flat 'door' part which has no handle extension. Assembly is straightforward and firstly requires sliding all the door parts together. Then screw the non-pointed end of the links to the container and finally screw the links to the doors. It is easiest to open the box using your right thumb and fingers near the centre of the box on an opposing pair of door handles. If you need parts with different tolerances e.g. the dovetails are very stiff or do not go together at all or you are scaling up the parts significantly let me know and I'll try to upload them for you. Show more Show less

3DModels.com is an aggregator website, which gathers links to free (printable) 3D models from around the web.