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3-Prong Garden Rake 3-Prong Garden Rake

3-Prong Garden Rake

By Cults on August 6, 2019 13:48

This is a small hand rake that my Dad wanted for his small strawberry garden. He had one that was just too big for the area he had planted. I thought tlalexander's design was great, so I used it for reference. I dont have solidworks, but designed this one in Autodesk Inventor. It has a t-handle and hole in the T-handle to hang from a peg board on a nail. The T-handle was a request from my Dad to make it easy to dangle. The Center Prong is slightly longer to help dig just a little more of a trench. My 9-year old first saw this and thought it was a small back scratcher for him. I guess you could also use it for that, but it might not reach very far. I guess his request is on my list now. As intended, it has worked perfectly for a small garden area. Autodesk Inventor source file is also attached.
3D file format: STL