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A little standing Porg A little standing Porg

A little standing Porg

By Cults on February 25, 2019 20:39

Here it is, a little standing Porg. I started this sculpt and did most of it back in August, but the time passed and I forgot about it. This Porg is based in concept sketches from the last Star Wars movie. In the photos there are other different Porgs, those were the test subjects to get to the perfect standing Porg. Lots of broken legs and stuff. So yes, virtual animals were harmed in the production of the perfect little standing Porg. UPDATE - 22/01/2018 In case your Porg's leg gets broken, everything is ok. In the spirit of Star Wars, I added a lightsaber prosthetic leg so your Porg can stand up again and conquer the galaxy.
3D file format: STL