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Ahmsville Dial Ahmsville Dial

Ahmsville Dial

By Cults on June 26, 2019 12:14

The Ahmsville dial is an Arduino based device inspired by Microsoft???s surface dial, the dial serves as a secondary dial controller for your pc, something you can use in Fusion 360, Solidworks, Premier pro and more. It can also be used for quick launching applications, zooming and scrolling operations in various applications, controlling your systems media/audio, as a color based key to login to your system and more??? Read more about the project - Watch video- Parts List: Ahmsville dial kit - Arduino pro micro (ss micro) - Individually addressable led - 6906 Bearing - 3x1 neodymium magnets (30 pcs) - 8mm rubber base pads - usb cable (thickness 3.5mm) - (salvaged from an old mouse) m3 self tapping screws (6 pcs) - (salvaged) Thin flexible wires. - (salvaged) Required Arduino libraries: - - - - -
3D file format: STL