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Cat Doorstop Cat Doorstop

Cat Doorstop

By Cults on February 17, 2020 21:04

This regal fellow stands guard at our door. This is modeled after the Gayer-Anderson Cat at the British Museum. The cat is 16cm tall. There are four different wedges provided to accommodate a wide range of gap heights: 3mm-to-10mm, 8mm-to-15mm, 13mm-to-20mm, and 18mm-to-25mm. Remix: I envision replacing the wedge with a variety of attachments. Pencil holder, cat grass planter, business card holder, remote control home, etc. This was printed in bronze PLA (Gizmo Dorks), with 0.2mm layers, 50% infill, 3 perimeters, with supports. The wedge does not require supports. The cat has a large hollow cavity on the bottom that may be filled with something heavy such as plaster, or clay.
3D file format: STL