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Ceratosaurus dinosaurus Ceratosaurus dinosaurus

Ceratosaurus dinosaurus

By Cults on February 25, 2019 20:33

Ceratosaurus STL files. Updated files. Comes as a single 'whole' sculpt as well as a split version for fdm printing. For none commercial use only. This is one sculpt from a whole bunch of dinosaurs I will be releasing soon. I will be doing a pre order system where people can get all of the sculpts at a highly discounted rate. Coming soon Every month I release new sculpts to my Patrons. If you would like to take a look or support me you can follow the link bellow. If you like my sculpts please share my page. Any donations would be most appreciated but not expected and liking and sharing my facebook/Instagram page would be just as welcome. If you would like to see more let me know on my Instagram or facebook page I also have a website where I have other sculpts for sale.
3D file format: STL