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Chrustian Seabourne Chrustian Seabourne

Chrustian Seabourne

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 22:52

Chrustian Seabourne. For centuries, Fishermen and sailors from around the globe have been reporting sightings of so called "Crab Men" In spite of credible witnesses, and even photographic evidence, mainstream science dismissed these reports as stories, no more relevant than sightings of mermaids. Witnesses became reluctant to come forward in fear of ridicule, and possible loss of employment. However, ever since the Bigfoot community disclosed their existence to mankind in 2018, other so called "cryptids" have surfaced, forcing humanity to expand its understanding, and except these long hidden beings into society. Chrustian Seabourne, among others of his crab kind, chose to integrate into the human world to help mankind understand the hidden people, and their ancient cultures.