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Cone Loader Cone Loader

Cone Loader

By Cults on August 9, 2019 18:00

Cone filler, for king size & 98 special, based on raw loader. included scraping card and stick poker. slide your cone over the tip of the funnel hold your cone to the loader between your thumb and forefinger (like a gentle pinch on the sides) use the included card to move material into the funnel using the narrow end of the included poker, push your material down the chute and into the cone. push it. push it real good. as you fill the cone, you may want to begin using the wide end of the poker. this way you can pack your cone progressively tighter. when your cone is full, act like you are giving it a final poke, but this time loosen your grip on the cone and push your cone right off the funnel. it will help prevent spillage.. and you'll look cool as hell doing it. finally you may finish packing with the poker, if you wish.
3D file format: STL