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Covid-19 Protective Mask - PPE (Personal Emergency Equipment) Covid-19 Protective Mask - PPE (Personal Emergency Equipment)

Covid-19 Protective Mask - PPE (Personal Emergency Equipment)

By Cults on March 21, 2020 17:09

Take into account that this mask will be a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that will only be used in case of emergency, only if the masks are dramatically missing. The mask is more effective than a cloth mask. But it is not FFP2 approved. It's really an emergency mask. Update of 4 April 2020 : Following a request in the comments, in the list of downloads, the MK5 model with double filter. nda: for the moment the second filter has its mirrored thread on the left side, so we have to print one of the mirrored covers, while waiting for the update this week, where I will put both threads in the same direction... Update of 3 April 2020 : Model MK5 with all edges softened, for more comfort, the mask is also lighter and therefore faster to print. Weight of the printed mask approx. 43 g. Update of 22 March 2020: Model with extended fasteners added to the STL model list. Tested on a 3D UP Plus 2 printer, printed in 2 hours and 25 minutes with Polymax PLA filament from Polymaker. To complete the mask, please download the two modules: tapa.stl circulo honey.stl of the model To do it, I scanned my girlfriend's face with a 3D Sense Scanner, with 3dsmax on the STL of the scan I drew the main contours of the face then I modelled the mask, then I added the thread module from the Copper3D model. Exported since max in STL and imported in Meshmixer, I checked it and reoriented it for a better impression and optimal comfort on the face of my nurse companion in the hospital of Guingamp (it is made to measure), but can adapt to many faces. Then I printed it with the version 2.21 of the printing software of my 3D up plus 2 printer. Inspired by the model: GregoryGHarding created by the group The essential element of which I have taken over: the filter system with the thread.
3D file format: STL and ZIP