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Dice Tower - Modular Castle Dice Tower - Modular Castle

Dice Tower - Modular Castle

By Cults on November 29, 2019 04:30

NEWS: I have started a Patreon for my 3D modeling gig. If you would like to support my work here please visit. I decided to make a modular dice tower the other day, and this is the result. It's totally modular, and stacks well. I like the modular design because I can mix and match as I see fit, and only print one section at a time so it doesn't take forever to print. I printed it 80% for the photos, and this works well for 12mm dice. Doesn't work well for 16mm because it's a little too small. ** Updated Tray STL with the fixed version from Kadrim, found here: with their permission. ** Check out a remixed tray from dreamingDemon here.
3D file format: STL