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DIY 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine with printer parts DIY 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine with printer parts

DIY 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine with printer parts

By Cults on July 1, 2019 16:20

INTRODUCTION Why another CNC DIY more? After seeing all the CNC machines that people were building and shared the photos and videos on the internet, I was curious and started to investigate the subject. For me at the beginning it was a challenge to be able to build my own CNC and be able to mechanize my designs. Now, after building it, I would like to share the design and I would be glad to see other people build it. ?  The objectives of this CNC are: - Make it cheap and simple - Carry the largest number of pieces printed in 3D. - Precision of assembly to be pieces printed in 3D. - It is compact and sufficiently rigid to the extent that plastic parts can be printed in 3D - Mechanize wood, plastics, etc., in short soft materials. I have not tried with aluminum but maybe it can too. Overall dimensions: 430x480x480 Work area: X = 250 - Y = 255 - Z = 73 Larger printed piece of 207x153x134 GRBL Firmware in Arduino UNO with CNC shield. BOM 1 Screw and nut THSL-150-8D pitch 2 2 Screw and nut THSL-400-8D pitch 8 1 Cable Chain 10x10 1 Cable Chain 10x20 8 Linear Bearing LM16UU 16x28x37 4 Linear Bearing LM10UU 10x19x29 4 Chrome Shaft 16mm 400mm F-114 TOL.F7 2 Chrome Shaft 10mm 180mm F-114 TOL.F7 3 Coupling 5x8 2 Bearing with support KFL08 2 Bearing 608 22 Tornillos M6x40 22 Nut M6 16 Nut M5 16 Bolt M5x30 34 Bolt M3x20 75 Bolt M3x16 24 Bolt M3x10 6 Bolt M2x12 75 Nut M3 1 Wooden table DM 352x400x19 1 Spindle 52mm 300w 1 Arduino UNO 3 Motor Nema 17 42BYGH 1.7 A 3 Driver DRV8825 1 CNC Shield 1 Power Supply 48V 7,5A 1 Fan 12v 1 Spindel Speed Control PWM 48v 1 Converter Step-down Power Modle 200W 15A DC-DC 48V TO 12V 3 Colorful buttons 1 Switch 250 v 15 A 1 Wires 26 AWG 1 Wires 22 AWG 3 Limit switches
3D file format: STL