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Figrin D'An Bust - Star Wars Figrin D'An Bust - Star Wars

Figrin D'An Bust - Star Wars

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 22:55

"Fiery" Figrin D'an (alias Barbarine) was a male Bith who was the leader of the band the Modal Nodes and the younger brother of Barquin D'an. Specializing in Jizz music, Figrin played a reed instrument known as a Kloo horn, as well as a percussion instrument called a Gasan string drum. Like his band mates, Figrin was registered with the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM). Regions of Figrin's highly evolved brain allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. In fact, the Devaronian music fan Labria called him possibly the greatest klooist in the galaxy. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music.