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Gyroid Xl - Math Art Gyroid Xl - Math Art

Gyroid Xl - Math Art

By Dizingof3DPrinting on March 29, 2019 11:02

*Photos by - The Gyroid XL was 3D printed on the new Dual Extruders ISIS3D 3d printer with water soluble PVA for support. *New photos sent to me by a U.K Maker David Trewren: "Many thanks for your advice and support ! I was already printing when you replied so thought I would let it run - success at last ! I actually ended up adding manual support structures using MeshMixer. The automated support was either not enough or way too much. I elevated the Gyroid from the bed by 5mm and manually added stilts plus a 10mm brim. Then on waves of the Gyroid that were negative as in wave peak lower than crossing points I added a small amount of support. I found positive peaks and interior structure didn't require support. To further improve the surface I finished with a textured bronze spray." *Pink Gyroid by maker: Donald Flynn