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Ham House Pineapple Ham House Pineapple

Ham House Pineapple

By Cults on February 25, 2019 20:30

One of the many ornamental 'Pineapples' gracing the walls surrounding Ham House, Richmond, London (built 1610). They were added to the house in 1799 by Wilbraham Tollemache the 6th Earl of Dysart, and are actually cast in a stone like pottery. Scanned with 123D Catch, and partially rebuilt using MOI and Meshmixer as I couldn't see the top! I've printed these at 40mm high for my mother's dolls house garden. But also looks good printed large as an internal decoration. You could of course print these in metallic filament for the garden, and they would oxidise nicely. For more information on Ham House visit: Or if you are in London, why not visit the house in person:
3D file format: STL