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ISA White Star V4 updated ISA White Star V4 updated

ISA White Star V4 updated


By Cults on May 28, 2020 10:57

UPDATE 05/04/2020: Closed up most of the holes left by the coverings. NEW: New file found! version 4 should fix a few floating parts issues and sliced for FDM printers. Thanks for the feedback Szabi_toboz. V3 should print a lot nicer than v2. The White Star attack ship from Babylon 5. Used by the ISA across multiple wars and taking on ships more than twice it's size, the White star was a formidable design More info in the ship: This is a tough one to scale into x-Wing as it's said to be between 300 to 475.6 meters long. So rule of cool comes in and just print it how big you want it. X-wing scale: I recommend making it either Lando Falcon size or go all out to be CR-90 size. Armada: 300m 1700 = 42.85mm 475.6m 1:7000 = 67.94mm I've included my file to print it at 140.4mm long and it just looks awesome with the Nial fighters. Whats in the pack: Original file Updated V3 that adds the nose beam and fills nearly all the holes. Just added split in half version by request. Original file from by Kier Darby
3D file format: STL