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Key Decoder (For duplicating house keys) Key Decoder (For duplicating house keys)

Key Decoder (For duplicating house keys)

By Cults on February 25, 2019 20:28 This is a common key decoder, use this to find the key cut code of a key and then use the code to duplicate it. Go to to duplicate the key. Please read the instructions to use this decoder. The video above will tell you guys how to use a decoder although its not necessary to watch but maybe useful to those who dont understand my instructions. Instructions: 1.Put your cut through the largest gap at the end of the decoder 2.Slide it down until it stops at a number 3.Note down the number 4.Move onto the next gap on the key 5.Repeat the steps until all five cuts (gaps in the key) are decoded. 6. Go to 7. Click on the customizer option above the download button 8.Type in the code that was decoded earlier in order 9. Look at the model, if it does not look like your original key then try reversing the keys number order. If it still doesnt look similar then go to and watch from 3:00 - 4:00 Anything else is irrelevant to this. 10.Create and download your key 11. Print it off 12. Try it out! You may need to used a fine file to get it to fit in your lock, personally I've ever had to do this. For me it works straight after I remove it from the build plate THIS DECODER WILL WORK FOR MORE THAN JUST SCHLAGE, IVE USED IT ON MANY OTHER TYPES OF LOCKS. Credit to BosnianBill for the Video Credit to Belfry for making the Key duplicator design
3D model format: STL