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By Cults on July 1, 2019 16:20 Based on a Youtube video ( Kinetic Sculpture printed in 3D with blades that rotate in opposite directions and generates beautiful waves. It consists of pieces printed in 3D except the base that is a wooden board of 225x125x7mm. BOM: - M3 screws of different lengths - M2x4 screws - Bearings: 4 pcs. 4x8x3, 1 pc. 606ZZ, 1 pc. 8x14x4. - Steel bar with a diameter of 4 and a length of 245mm. - 225x125x7mm wood board. - Mini gearmotor with 3mm shaft. - Female Jack 2.1mm panel mount Update 8/12/2017: some photos are added to clarify the assembly Update 9/12/2017: the version with crank is added. Two 8x14x6 bearings are necessary.
3D file format: STL