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Mars Base Mars Base

Mars Base

By Cults on February 25, 2019 20:27

Years before the base construction of the base begins, autonomous solar thermal rovers set about leveling the ground, and focusing the suns rays down onto the sand, sintering it into a kind of glass foundation. The landing module touches down on the foundation, then unfolds to form the angular geodesic junction. Special balloon like rooms are then slowly inflated from the lander. Made from a highly elastic copolymer, interwoven with synthetic spider silk, the balloons stay flexible until sprayed with a setting agent, at which time they harden to form permanent, crystalline domes. The hexagonal pockets of the domes are filled with algae, which generate electricity in miniature bio-reactors, shade the interior during the hot days. At night, the bio-luminescent algae provides light, and the gas filled pockets insulate the base from Mars' freezing over night temperatures. The air quality and oxygen levels are maintained through the careful monitoring of the large greenhouse, which has an adjoining food production facility. Human waste is treated in an exterior facility, to avoid potential accidents, where water is returned for use, and the methane generated is stored in tanks and used to run the base.
3D file format: STL