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Medieval Stone Dice Tower - Modular Medieval Stone Dice Tower - Modular

Medieval Stone Dice Tower - Modular

By Cults on December 9, 2019 11:17

These models were created with the generous support of my patrons on Patreon. You can join the fun at to get advance access, free models, and support a quickly growing collection of tabletop models. Higher tiers can also participate in polling, and suggest future projects. This model is a reworking of piece of terrain I created a while ago for a tower, making it into a sweet dice tower. The tower is modular so you can print it a section at a time, and breaks down for storage or transport. No support required for this print, and painting is pretty easy to get a good result. You will need a couple shades of grey and a cheap sponge (one of the open cell ones, even a kitchen sponge works if it's clean). Steps: Prime in a grey color. Sponge on a dark grey color (cheap craft paints preferred) in a fairly heavy coat. Don't worry about being super neat and total coverage not required. after the coat is dry, sponge on a lighter grey with less coverage. Focus on the tops, and edges where light might hit. Leave some of the previous coat showing through. Accent with a lighter grey if you want (I usually stop at step 3 for bulk painting) just little dabs on high spots, and tops. You can also dab brown/green around the base lightly to give it some extra flavor. If you'd like to purchase a print of this, you can check here are FunBoardGames on Etsy who is the only authorized vendor of these printed models. If the models aren't up on his site just shoot him an email with a request, he is usually pretty quick to respond.
3D file format: STL