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Mini Craft Corner Clamp Mini Craft Corner Clamp

Mini Craft Corner Clamp

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 22:49

You might also like these free designs! * Mini Craft Mitre Box: * Craft Razor Holder: * Simple Caddy: * Mini Craft Clamp: * Quilling Templates: * Handy Little Hooks: More small-scale craft tools! After the Mini Craft Mitre Box, the next creative request was a means to hold objects square and stable while being glued together. And so, this clamp was devised! Just in case the objects being clamped need more than just the bolts to hold them, two sets of supporting plates are also included. The sets differ in whether the plates are in contact with the junction point or not. It may be the case that adhesive on the join needs to be kept separate from the plates, so choose accordingly!