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Mini Cross Bow Mini Cross Bow

Mini Cross Bow

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:01

This is my take on the popular popsicle stick mini crossbow seen on the web. I upgraded it to use an actual trigger though. The crossbow is printed upside down (handle pointing up) and I used a 2/56" x 1/2" screw to hold the trigger in place (a piece of filament with the ends melted can be used in place of the screw.) The bow is made from metal hair clips with the center portion of clip removed (just bend the center piece back and forth a few times to snap it off) the clips are just slid into the cut outs. (you can glue them in if needed.) When attaching the string pre-load the bows a bit before tying the final knot. (but don't over do it) Q-Tips are used for arrow. Enjoy and play safe.