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Mini-Mate travel chess set Mini-Mate travel chess set

Mini-Mate travel chess set

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:01

Mini-Mate is the perfect, fully printable, pocket sized, travel chess set. Prints on any standard, single nozzle 3D printer. The box, board, and squares can be printed at any resolution of your choosing, however for the chess pieces I recommend printing at least .1mm for the best detail. A little support is recommended in the two grooves on the box, the rest prints great without supports. The squares snap right into place on the one I printed, but I went ahead and glued them anyway for a permanent hold. If anyone is wondering about the box behind the King & Queen, I wanted to make the small pieces easier to print without the need to over modify cooling settings, so I added a 5x20mm cooling tower to allow for better cooling between layers. It is a very small adition that seemed to help quite a bit and can just be tossed after printing. Having a good fan will help quite a bit too, if you are using PLA. Download & Enjoy!!!