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Poor Man's Google Glass Poor Man's Google Glass

Poor Man's Google Glass

By Cults on May 29, 2019 15:23

This is my crude attempt at Adafruit's DIY Google Glass I had been given a pair of cheap S-Video glasses and would have used the files from Adafruit, but the parts from my video glasses were way too big. I was also fairly new to CAD at the time, so the design is a bit rough (I never bothered to make an attachment method beyond zip ties). I made this almost a year ago, so I'm unable to find some of the photos I took of the project (and the parts are a bit spread out). Apologies for the horrible hipster-glasses photo. My only defense is that I don't actually need glasses and it's easy to get non-prescription glasses in this style. More details can be found here:
3D file format: STL