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Puzzle Tower Puzzle Tower

Puzzle Tower

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:05

Puzzle Tower The objective of this puzzle is to slide the smaller cylinder into the larger one to complete the tower. There is a small notch preventing this from happening, so you must find some type of solution. A code is imprinted on one side of the cylinder for you to decipher. There is more to this puzzle than meets the eye, so look closely! Rules: 1) You are allowed to use a small prying tool such as a flat screwdriver, but only after you have deciphered the code 2) No other tools are allowed 3) Viewing the 3D model in depth will reveal the solution, so unless you want the solution, do not inspect the model. - Printed on the Monoprice Select Mini v1 in PLA at 0.15mm layer height. Scale model up for even better results - This model does require support material - 10% infill Good Luck! :)