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Quick Fix Spool Holder Quick Fix Spool Holder

Quick Fix Spool Holder

By Cults on March 22, 2019 19:29

I wanted a filament spool holder that: fits every spool allows quick and easy spool changes without tools holds the spool tight while maintaining low friction So I borrowed the design of the double countersunk spoolholder with ballbearings, added a large thumbwheel and - to make it even easier to use - I combined the wheel and the front spool insert into a single part. To achieve this I designed the thumbwheel to hold a long ( 30mm ) M6 nut and made the two front bearings wider ( 13 mm inner diameter ) so they can run on the center cylinder of the thumb wheel instead of the threaded rod directly. Now you can take off the combined front part with one hand only and also fastening or releasing the spool is a lot easier. Due to the momentum of the big wheel you can give it a good turn and it will keep turning all the way in or out. A locking nut or wrench is not required. Hand tightening the wheel is enough. Thanks to the low friction of the ball bearings the screw won't loosen itself.
3D file format: STL