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Ribbed Sidewall Interlocking Stackerz Ribbed Sidewall Interlocking Stackerz

Ribbed Sidewall Interlocking Stackerz

By Cults on September 24, 2019 13:16

This is a "RIBBED SIDEWALL" version of my regular Interlocking Stackerz. View at The Ribbed Sidewall makes them look smart as well as being easier for some people to grip for locking / unlocking. Please refer to the details provided below and at the original Interlocking Stackerz page for additional information (Note: Some content has been copied directly over as this is the same design other than having a ribbed sidewall on all parts). Ribbed Version stl's have an "R" in the file name. This was listed separately to avoid possible confusion and mixing the types up. There is also a fun / novelty version called 'ROCKETZ' you can find at Interlocking Stackerz are easy prints of a clever modular storage and transport solution that features interlocking sections of different sizes to suit an endless array of applications. Use them to store and/or transport anything and everything small including nuts / bolts / screws to medication etc. The mechanism is simple... just push two parts together and rotate 120?? to lock in place. Additional parts lock together in the same way... reverse to unlock and separate the parts. Interlocking Stackerz provide a simple solution to storing and transporting things. For example, store a range of nuts / bolts / screws in them and they become a 'grab and go' item so you can take what you need with you without a second thought.... and different items are in different layers to keep the separate. The internal diameter is the same for all parts (60mm at standard scale). The .stl files provided are as follows: ???Cap ???Layer / Low (15mm high storage area) ???Layer / Medium (25mm high storage area) ???Layer / High (50mm high storage area) ???Base / Low (15mm high storage area) ???Base / Medium (25mm high storage area) ???Base / High (50mm high storage area) Print the parts required to make up your ideal configuration in the colors of choice... color coding makes it easy to find what you have stored way. Interlocking Stackerz are easy to print and do not need any support. On a well set up, accurate machine well sliced files should provide a snug fit between parts that still lets them turn to lock / unlock without much effort. Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information.... and post photos of your Interlocking Stackerz in use. Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs!
3D file format: STL