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Shredder V8 Gears Shredder V8 Gears

Shredder V8 Gears

By Cults on April 12, 2019 20:46

Follow us on Cults3d and on Youtube to get notice of a New Upload! The first Downloads of every New Upload are free. watch it on youtube: youtube Shredder V8 youtube Shredder V8 Gears We tested the shredder with gummy bears, paper and popcorn ;-) I used the following materials - - - - you could find more projects under Let's shred :-) I hope to see a lot of your Makes! Our STL-files are a little bit larger, because you get high quality and high resolution STL-files to get a perfect printing result. Also, we regard the tolerances of the 3d printing process in our 3D STL-models. So please print the models with the recommended print settings. discover my other jtronics designs on cults3d
3D file format: STL