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  • Skull beared vol2 ring
    Skull beared vol2 ring



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    Skull beared vol2 ring for 3d printing PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING!!! It has one size..11 as per US-20.68mm diameter-contact me for more sizes This Pack contains OBJ and STL Files: IMPORTANT NOTE-THE BUYER MUST HAVE A GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF 3D PRINTING. The buyer has to do things like importing the files into 3d print software,aligning,giving support,etc. in order to print this file. The file has been successfully checked in autodesk Meshmixer and Autodesk NETFABB for 3d print errors like-Watertight,flipped faces,holes,non-manifold faces,etc.so,its error free. It has only 1 object to print. Product dimension and poly/point counts is provided in the images. This model is hollow from inside to allow the user to print it successfully.the hollow region will help user in metal castings and mold making. The model has a minimum thickness of 0.6mm.Thickness has been tested in netfabb. Volume and other info has been listed in the last image.please refer. IMPORTANT: The ring size is 20.68mm diameter which is a common size 11 in USA.You can resize it by exactly taking the right diameter cylinder in your 3d program and adjust it with this rings inner circle.It will fit perfectly because the ring part of the mesh is a perfect cylinder.Take actual size of diameter for your cylinder and try to fit the ring with the cylinder just like our finger and resize it. ALL the Important details like dimension,weight(silver,steel,iron),volume,etc has been provided in the images given with this pack. PLEASE SUPPORT US!!!!!DONT SHARE THIS FILE WITH ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT YOUR TEAM MEMBERS!!! Hope you like this model.Feel free to ask anything for further assistance.Thanks

3DModels.com is an aggregator website, which gathers links to free (printable) 3D models from around the web.