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Spiral exhaust movement Spiral exhaust movement

Spiral exhaust movement

By Cults on February 25, 2019 20:22

Large scale reproduction of the classic spiral escapement movement. It is not a clock, it is an object of decoration, to visualize the functioning. The operation is ok, but I do not advise to make it work permanently, the materials are not hard enough. I preferred to put brass axles, brass tube of 4 mm and axis of 3 mm, of the trade, which are very well adjusted. Take care when mounting the pallets on an anchor, adjust the depth if necessary. Follow the assembly photos. Adjustment spring so as to have the ankle plate in the vertical. see photo adjustment spring. I made a counterweight, with a steel tube filled with lead weights. The weight should be about 500 to 600 grs. Fun object, helps to understand how a watch works. NOP21 NOTE : I just realized that I put two useless files, because modified then, not to print them. it is about : Exhaust wheel Medium wheel 25/02/2017 I corrected and put the inlays in the photos, lg axes etc.... 28/02/2017 Many thanks to MicroBoy, first of all for his beautiful model and for his remarks. I corrected the mistakes. I should add that I printed with silver PLA. NOP21
3D file format: STL