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StarWars Lightsaber Christmas Lights StarWars Lightsaber Christmas Lights

StarWars Lightsaber Christmas Lights

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:09

Happy Holidays and Happy new StarWars DAY!!! In honor of the occassion I modeled these body kit covers that slip over regular small bulb indoor festive lighting strings. Just snag a strip of white lights, then print yourself the saber heads in colored translucent PLA. [Green, red, blue] Once printed just stick the blade in the handle and place it over top of the lighting then lock the clip and wire into place, then you're all done! :) Lighsaber blades all require colored transluscent filament, handles are optional if you intend to paint otherwise purchase silver and black filament to make the handles. Here are some links to some good choices for filament, lighting, and anything I used for this project. Red Translucent PLA - Green Translucent PLA - Blue Translucent PLA - Black PLA - Silver PLA - String Lights - Silver Spray Paint - Iridescent Bronze -