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StarWars TieFighter Gen2 StarWars TieFighter Gen2

StarWars TieFighter Gen2

By Cults on January 29, 2020 10:46

After my TieFighter Gen1 I wanted to do a new and simplified version. In addition, there also shouldn???t be any visible cables anymore. After a few weeks Gen2 was done. But as it is, real life goes on and I haven???t get any time to put it online. Until now???. I use quite normal materials and components as every model builder should have at home. Actually the whole building should be self-explanatory, but I made a short assembling video here: Depending on the controller, the longitudinal stability (sensitivity) could cost some troubles. Therefor I???ve printed the Winglets without cover layers and with an infill of something around 45%. Have fun! I hope it fits all for your satisfaction??? Some Flightfootage you???ll find here :
3D file format: STL