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Swivel Trays

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:11

Swivel Trays provide a smart, compact and expandable storage solution for small things. You can use Swivel Trays for everything from coins and key to nuts, bolts, parts jewellery and more... Create your own custom 'Swivel Tray Tower' by adding lots of trays. Make it as colourful as you like by printing trays in your favourite colours... or use the colours as colour coding for the contents. All trays have an inside diameter of 60mm but you can choose from three different depths provided (15mm / 20mm / 30mm). The base also acts as a try with a depth of 10mm. You have the option of having the top tray always open or fitting a swivelling top (lid) to close it off. Swivel Trays make a great gift or are just a handy little storage system for home, your workshop or office. You can start small with just the base and a single tray an expand it by adding more trays over time. This is another unique and practical way of putting 3D printing to good use. They print really well on machines that print precisely / accurately. This is essential due to round surfaces that rotate against each other and the threads. Scaling down is not recommended. Uniformly scaling up is possible (... but the trays will become looser and movement more sloppy) Please refer to the Print Settings, Post Print Instructions and images for additional information... and please post images of your Swivel Trays in use. Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs!