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Sword of Sargeras Sword of Sargeras

Sword of Sargeras

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:11

The sword of the fallen titan: Sargeras. Ever since I started playing Warcraft games as a kid, Sargeras has been the name for the main evil behind the scenes, and this is his sword. How this scene came to be in the lore can be seen in the latest World of Warcraft patch, as a long time fan of the lore this impressed me enough to want to create something out of it. I have split the model in 3 pieces, 2 of them being the different sides of the sword to be printed flat and then the base. The sword stands in the base on it's own, for me it even stands without glueing the 2 sides together. This was also very fun and easy model to paint, I used pretty standard acrylic paints only.