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Tiger Tank Pack Tiger Tank Pack

Tiger Tank Pack

By Cults on February 25, 2019 20:21

Collection of 1:100 Tiger Tank models Currently Features Tiger Ausf H1 Initial production (4 turret options) Very early Leningrad front turret with side boxes Early Panzer 4 type turret box Early turret with standard turret box No turret box turret Tiger Ausf H1 Mid Tiger Ausf H1 Afrika (not sure if correct name but could only find examples from African front) Sturmtiger VK4501 P Tiger 1 P All hulls and turret are made from scratch. I included special command hatch versions of the turrets with open commander hatches. These should be reserved for higher scale prints. I don't think they will print properly at 1:100 but your welcome to try
3D file format: ZIP