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Tintin and Snowy Tintin and Snowy

Tintin and Snowy

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:11

Tintin and Snowy are comic strip characters by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Tintin is a reporter and adventurer who travels around the world with his dog Snowy (French: Milou). No supports are required. If you have the right filament colors, no painting is needed. The completed model is 263mm tall, 203mm long and 100mm wide (including the base) after assembly. Don't let the lengthy notes below concern you, I just want to ensure I give as much advice as I can to make building the model fun. Enjoy! Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Creator X Supports: No Resolution: ,2mm Infill: 10% Notes: See below for helpful printing suggestions. My basic print settings include 2 shells. In addition, I print small parts at 50% infill. Building the model Colors (there are no multiple printed pieces) Beige/Skin: head nose arm_right arm_left .. Black: eye_right eye_left eyebrow_right eyebrow_left snowy_nose snowy_eye_right snowy_eye_left snowy_eyebrow_right snowy_eyebrow_left .. White: collar mouth socks_right socks_left snowy_body snowy_head bone_a bone_b .. Brown: pants .. Dark Brown: shoe_right shoe_left .. Light Blue: sweater sweater_right sweater_left .. Orange: hair .. Gold: base .. Any color (hidden parts) bone_bump (optional) body_bump (optional) Printing and assembly tips Printing Tips: 1-No supports are required. .. 2-I used a brim on a few pieces, use your discretion based on your own preference -arm_right has a small base and steep part angle. -the bone pieces are tall with small bases -nose has a small base and larger top -body_bump has a small base and larger top .. 3-All the black pieces are small and I do not think it would be wise to try scaling the model (warning!). They all print very cleanly without a brim, however you must ensure that and first layer squish is cleaned up for the best fit. .. 4-The mouth is sized for .2mm layer height. The part should be a bit flexible. .. 5-When printing small parts that are hollow at 10% my printer has issues, so I always print small parts at at least 50% infill. The snowy_body part is large enough that most of it printed fine but the ears become 'small pieces' for my printer. I did not want to print the whole piece at 50% so I used Simplify3D to set only the ear portion of the model to 50% infill. I'd be interested in finding out how other printers handle this piece. .. 6-All pieces were printed and fitted using a .4mm nozzle. In my slicer I verified that a .5mm nozzle should still work with the small pieces. .. .. Assembly tips: 1-The diagrams in the pictures section will help in assembling the model and is quite straightforward. .. 2-For the small black pieces, -I kept small jars handy to store them and keep them sorted since some of them look quite similar. -In case you mix up the pieces, Snowy's eyebrows and eyes are thicker (taller with flat side sown) than Tintin's. -For both Snowy and Tintin, the thicker part of the eyebrows point to the middle. -Left and right eyes are very similar and most likely can be swapped, but from a purist point of view I created separate parts since that is how I modeled it. .. 3-The mouth is flat and attached to a curved surface in the head. Since the mouth is only two layers thick, I manually bent it a bit before trying to glue it to the head. Be sure to get a bit of a bend in it first. .. 4-The base contains just an outline, as opposed to an actual depression of where to position Snowy and Tintin's feet.