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TinyLoom cnc/laser

By Cults on July 19, 2019 06:28

Making a little kids loom is a simple project that teaches different things: among patience and endurance, kids learn the basic principle of how fabrics are made and that they not necessarily have to be made in a factory. With the design I refrained from overcomplicating the construction. The interlocking parts make a sufficient solid frame. Any form of reed or other system for lifting the warp is missing. The build itself is suitable for beginners. I used beech plywood with comes in a exact thickness of 6.2 mm and milled it with a 2 mm spiral toothed endmill. The comb and the shuttle were cut from 4 mm beech plywood. The thickness is not that important, but 6 mm is probably to thick for the usage. The parts of the frame are glued together. A nice finish would have been some mineral oil (but my daughter was to impatient for it to dry). Visit for more interesting designs.
3D file format: STL