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Titanfall Atlas Mech Action Figure Titanfall Atlas Mech Action Figure

Titanfall Atlas Mech Action Figure

By MyMiniFactory on February 25, 2019 23:11

Suppport me on Patreon here, and help me create and get access to more great models. A TITANForALL (See what I did there) I am a huge fan of the game Titanfall that I instantly loved I thought I'd recreate the Atlas mech as an build it yourself action figure so that anybody can have a titan of their own. My goal was to print the titan to the scale of the collector's edition which is approx. 18" tall. The model itself was created in a 1:1 scale and, as you can see, it's almost as detailed as the in-game model and also allows you to print whatever size you want by scaling it to fit your printer bed size. To the avid gamer, they could possibly tell that some geometry is not as it is in game but this is due to my skills being limited in modelling complex surface geometry, but fair to say most of the detail is there and correct. With most the moving joints needing to be ball joints and sockets to allow the movement I've made the majority of the balls and sockets removable so that if the fit isn't quite right or something goes wrong during printing you only need to print that part and not the whole thing again. The fits between all the leg joints are very tight and the faces are going to be almost an interference fit so that the fiction stops the joints from moving while stationary. Follow me on twitter @, instagram @ and like me on facebook @ where you can stay up-to-date on my current projects and releases. Enjoy!! Update - 03/01/17 - Revised models uploaded.