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Vented Funnel Vented Funnel

Vented Funnel

By Cults on September 24, 2019 13:16

There's lots of funnels available to print and a few with complex vent systems. However, this handy little funnel has a simple solution to the air venting issue. The design features ridges that stop the funnel sealing against the neck of the container liquid is being poured into. This ensures air can always vent as liquid is being poured in without the need to also hold the funnel as you are pouring. This makes transferring liquids easy and minimizes the chance of the funnel overflowing. At standard scale the 'Vented Funnel' is a small and practical solution for most applications requiring a funnel to transfer liquids in the kitchen, bathroom and garage / workshop. This is an easy print with no support required. It can be scaled up or down if required. Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information. Post images of yours in use! Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs.
3D file format: STL